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YL 182.

Its been half a moon sins we left our blood in the storm & shadow of nite. Weve avoided trackers & gards, & all possible dangers lie now ahed of us instead of behind, & so finally we com to stop for mor than a few hours.

We take this journy together for the hol of the oldtown, tho them theyl call us deserters. I, Ada Markez, keep this diary as proof in the of myn & my companion Joss Hobans bodies being taken by the great dark wilds thru som unnaturalness. We com prepared for all things knowable, Joss a trained hunter & myself a learned apprentice of the bodied Father Hisself, but the myths we track are many and we understand them only a littel.

These small ruins seem different up clos, but havnt illuminated the stories we com to porsue, at least not on the short breaks weve taken so far. Joss fears them still, as hunters are like to, but thats why both of us needed com together. The hunters fear makes the ruins safe shelters for us, so our passing thru them was necessary, & my hope is that our time in these small places will prepare Joss to enter thos great skeletal leviathans seen from afar on long winter Hunts. Surely thos beasts will hold our answers. Weve cut north and east so far to avoid trackers, but now we head west to find the leviathans.