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>Like everyone of us, she remembered the old world.

>A world where our lives mattered, where we weren't just calloused gods sipping from golden chalices and watching people fight to the death for our entertainment.

>The world is bloated, it has eaten its fill of us.

>If you aren't connected with either The Faithful, God's Arms, or the Memento Mori group in your city, seek them out.

>If they haven't already been told, tell them to set the gears in motion.

>Even if you don't seek them out, you can help our cause. Bleed the cities.

>We've tried changing hearts and minds, rallies, philosophy. Maybe their bodies will understand.

>All you, my brothers and sisters, are works of the Lord and you deserve to see His face in Heaven. If there is anyone who you will miss, spend a few months with them.

>Say goodbye.